LS DYNA 用户定义材料 汇编过程报错

最近在尝试 LS DYNA 中的 user define material

DYNA 是 R11, 因此下载了 R11_SMP_WINX64 的 lib

系统是 Win 7, 先后安装了 vs 2017 和 inter parallel studio xe 2018, 而且后者也识别到了前者。

然后在编译的时候 输入 nmake 后出现了以下提示:



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这里有个回答可以参考一下,链接:Error compiling using openMP threadprivate feature in Fortran,摘要如下:

Also the NAG compiler has no problem with the code. It looks like that ifort does not like the declaration of thread_id to come after the OMP statement. If I move the declaration up ahead of the OMP directive, the code also compiles with ifort. However, I don't know whether the standard has to say anything about this, but from the logical of the program flow, the declaration should come first.

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你的 IVF 和 VS 与 R11 的开发环境不匹配

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